Plasma Lift


Going by many names such as Softlift and Plasma Fibroblast, Plasma Lift is a revolutionary treatment that is sometimes referred to as soft surgery.  However, scalpels are not involved!  Skin reduction is achieved through the use of plasma which is seen as an arc of light applied to the skin in tiny dots.  Plasma causes carbonization of columns of skin and boosting of collagen.  The resulting skin removal and firming of remaining skin yields smoother and a more vibrant complexion.

Areas all over the body can be treated including face, neck, stretch marks and more.

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Normal skin aging and collagen loss does not stop after fibroblast treatment, however, the results last for years.  Because the process results in skin removal, it should last similarly to cosmetic surgery.  The number of years is dependent on your natural rate of collagen loss and any efforts you make over time to boost collagen in your skin.  This is also the case for surgical facelifts.

There is down time for the procedure: The skin will likely be tender for a few days.  The areas treated will be covered with dots (the areas treated with plasma).  The “dots” will slowly slough off over a 7-10 day period and there may be residual redness that can last up to 3 weeks or more.  Powder foundation can be used to camouflage the area 2-3 days post procedure until the skin is healed and then your regular cosmetic routine can be resumed.

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