• Cheryle Yarbrough

Deciding to "Nano" or "Micro"

When used as a prefix, "nano" is smaller than "micro". In blading, these terms refer to the width of the blade being used in the brow-shaping procedure. Simplistically, if a microbladed hair is the width of a fine needle, the nanobladed hair is 3/4 the width of the same needle. That doesn't sound like much but it can be make a difference in perception.

Personal preferences and/or biology can determine which is a more natural look. If you have naturally course hair and/or brow hair, you might consider microblading so as to match most closely. Conversely, someone with finer brow hair may want nanoblading to achieve the most natural look. Biology doesn't have to determine how it is done though.

Achieving a natural look may not be the main objective. (There's no shame in dressing it up!) Microblading can give the brow a denser more formal look which may be what you want especially if you don't go anywhere without makeup. Alternatively, more hair can be placed with a nanoblade to provider a denser look if desired.

The bottom line is that both provide an amazing frame for the face and can be a genuine self-confidence booster! Dermafix and Microblading provides both micro and nanoblading and during the consultation, we can help you decide on the best fit for you.

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